09:00-14:00, Tuesday, July 24 |  J.B. and Hallie Jester Annex

(AICP & CFM Credits Available)


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    • Intro to CHARM: Planning for Resilience- What are our choices?

    • Lunch and Partner Presentations (FEMA, others)

    • Interactive Exercises and Scenarios for Williamson County –Where will all the people go?  

    • Exercise debrief: Comparing Scenarios- Common approaches and divergent views.

    Where should we encourage development?
    Avoid it?

    How many homes are vulnerable to flooding?
    In 20 years? Where?

    What if development were higher density here, and lower there?

    How does this impact the water quality of our watershed?

    What new demand for city resources will we see in 10 years? 20 years?

    CHARM– a tool for Williamson CO. – participatory planning for everyone, experts and non-experts alike.