1. Citizen Planner

 The Texas Citizen Planner Program is a planning education program for local officials and staff. After eight classes instructed by leaders in their field, CHARM was utilized as an interactive exercise for Citizen Planners to put their new knowledge to use. (view website)


2. Resiliency Workshops

FEMA is seeking ways to engage communities about risk awareness and to build hazard mitigation into local plans and policies. CHARM is helping these communities have that conversation. CHARM workshops have been held in seven counties, attracting over 250 stakeholders representing dozens of communities and organizations. Eight more Texas counties are on deck for Resiliency Workshops in 2017. (more info)


3. Highland Bayou

The Galveston Bay Estuary Program in partnership with the Texas Coastal Watershed Program utilized CHARM in a watershed protection plan to identify non-point source (NPS) loading in the Highland Bayou Watershed in Galveston County. The grid’s baseline data along with assumptions for pollution loading rates and other values allowed the project team to quickly update NPS loading in the watershed. (more info)


4. No Adverse Impact

ASFPM is working to help communities and professionals improve development practices through the framework of No Adverse Impact. As part of a day-long continuing education workshop in Biloxi, Mississippi, CHARM data was used to spin out a new exercise specifically for Biloxi. Local stakeholders collaborated to think about growth, hazards, and community needs while utilizing FEMA’s Risk Map data and other local data sets. (more info)